You are where you are supposed to be

October 2015

You are where you are supposed to be. That’s what my guides keep telling me.

The last few weeks have been me stumbling from one mess to another, like a drunken sailor – with seemingly little time to do what I needed to do for me.

I need to feel productive. For me, that means I’m writing. Yes, I want the house to be straightened, the laundry to be done, along with the shopping and the cooking. Yet, if I’m not writing, I become unaccountably morose after a few days. Then I get cranky and start comparing myself to others – how come they get to do this, and I don’t – which is, on the whole, a lot of nonsense and completely fruitless.

A friend of mine mentioned getting called for jury duty last week. She said she was relieved they didn’t select her, yet she was also piqued that she wasn’t chosen.

I have felt that way quite a bit these last few months, as I have been moving on with my career to my next destination, or stopover, as the case may be.  Although some of them have not been lucrative financially, they have been quite rewarding. I have enjoyed my journey, sometimes more than others. The journey has only been continuing this fall, with such a plethora of choices being presented that I sometimes have trouble choosing which way would be the best choice for me at this time.

One offer from which I am waiting to hear more solid news, that would allow the most flexibility for my writing and my family, as well as being an aspect of my career I have always wanted to explore – reminds me how many doors there are to open, if only we realize they are in front of us.

You are where you are supposed to be.

If you ever doubt that, visualize where you want to be, and make an active plan of what you have to do in order to get there. Once you have your plan, feel free to ask others for advice who have been there and back. They are often willing to share their knowledge.

Each step you take on your journey can be a source of knowledge and information. Be aware.

May you have a week of wonder and beautiful autumn leaves.