What’s a Smartphone?

This post is just for fun. Yeah, yeah, I now have a smartphone. Am I supposed to feel smarter because I figured out how to use it, or is it supposed to be smarter than my old phone? It gets the weather, my email, maps if I want to go wireless, etc. That’s nice.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite features is the compass (as I am known for being directionally challenged). My other favorite feature are the cool new alert sounds – like the guitar strumming, the barking dog, the choo choo train whistle, etc.

I still miss speed dial. Although, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

I like the fact the iPhone is flatter and bigger than my old cell, as it’s easier and more comfortable to hold.

Being farsighted with glasses, I still don’t want to read a book on it. I would rather surf on a bigger screen. It’s still neat, though.