What is it worth?

October 2015

What is it worth?

I try to teach my children certain basic lessons, like all parents do. One of my lessons is – what is it worth to you?

Is arguing with me for 20 minutes about something going to get you what you want, or going to make me madder than I was before? Is it worth it? What are you trying to get out of this discussion?

Is it just to be stubborn, or is there another reason? Is continuing a discussion going to change my mind, or make it worse? Be strategic and thoughtful. Do not waste your time or mine.

My son and I play this game called 7 wonders. Neat game. I have a tendency to beat him most of the time, which frustrates him. It’s about who has the most victory points in the end, which come from any combination of buildings, armies, scientific advances, wonders, etc. What is the best balance that you can create to having the most victory points, while trying to ensure your opponent has less victory points than you?

Strategy. Thinking ahead.

What is it worth?

People are the same. Is the price too high to spend with a person? Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. People continue to surprise me.

A close family member and I spoke the other week after not having spoken much in quite some time – we had a lovely conversation. I had been so nervous at the thought of a miserable conversation that I put off broaching a topic for several weeks. I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was a joy.


I was speaking with a close friend of mine yesterday, whom I have known since grade school. She asked my opinion. This was one of the few times that I was ambivalent. I was not sure how to counsel her and I told her so. Then I countered her question with a query of my own. Reminding her that we have to pick and choose our battles, what was it worth to her? Weigh the positives and negatives. If the person you are working with is very set on one way, and after you have done your research you are still ambivalent, then what is it worth to you? In the interest of moving forward, is this a battle you want to take on?

Think forward.

We reap what we sow. Kindness is important and you have to be okay with how you treat people. Yes, this deals with strategy, but not in a sneaky way. If I feel I am going to be unpleasant to someone my husband or I care about, I make an excuse to get off the phone. Count to twenty and decide what is it worth to call the person on his or her behavior. Is it going to get you what you need or want from that person? Is this approach really working for you, or would another approach work better?

Breathe in, breathe out. Be true to yourself, and be kind to others. Sometimes one contradicts the other. Weigh your options and decide what it is worth.

For my readers in Atlanta today – keep an umbrella handy and note that autumn has arrived!

Happy week. Lisa