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Thursday, March 16, 2013 – Thursday’s Children blog

What Inspires Me for The Salem Academy for Young Sorcerers series –



My children.

My son came to me at the end of 2nd grade after finishing J.K. Rowling’s amazing Harry Potter series and said he had nothing to read. He also told me he wanted to go to Hogwarts. I smiled at him and pointed out that Rowling’s Hogwarts was in Britain, not the U.S., and if he was indeed magical, he would have to go to a school here, in America.


My son’s complaint about Rowling’s wonderful series was that the parents weren’t around. He wanted parents for the main characters.

My husband suggested the name – The Salem Academy for Young Sorcerers.

Thus began pages of notes, creating characters, setting, plot. My husband, my best friend in Texas (Jenn), several other family friends, my son, and I discussed school buses,  school uniforms, teacher names, and dragons.



Isn’t he cute? I discovered him online (paid for him), turned him black and white (he was originally in color), edited him by reworking him a bit, and recolored him using acrylic paint. Of course, he didn’t arrive until well after the book was published, but he was exactly what I wanted in a baby dragon. The background I did myself. Love the effect.

Art inspires me – painting, photography, amazing writing. It is all art.

And, when it comes to young adult and children’s books – my children. They are amazing – collectively and individually.

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  1. Welcome to Thursday’s Children! I’m so glad you could join. I love your beachy photos, because the ocean is one of my greatest inspirations. Your dragon looks like fun-what’s his name?

    1. I’m so glad I could join, too. It’s a wonderful venue. I look forward to participating next week. Thank you for including me.

      The little Dragon doesn’t have a name yet. I’m thinking of having a contest to name him.

  2. Thanks so much for joining us on Thursday’s Children! I’m afraid I can’t draw or paint to save my life, which was why I started studying photography in junior high. Even before Pinterest came along, I’ve always made photo collages––either by hand or on the computer––to bring all of my ideas for a WIP together in one place. If I can’t see it (at least in my head), I can’t write it!

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