What Inspires Me – November 27, 2016

We take solace in the familiar.  We congratulate ourselves on being adventurous in exploring the unknown.

Sometimes I am not adventurous.  I know we learn outside of our comfort zone.

Next year, I want to do something different for Thanksgiving.  I don’t yet know what that will be, but I am open to considering different options.

Reading inspires me.

Reading can take me all over the world, throughout history, from differing viewpoints and lifestyles, ones I would never think to consider on my own.

I love to share my reading with others.  I think it’s more fun that way.

This next week, I will be moving forward from the Book Club (with third grade) I was doing last year with my co-Book Club leader to co-leading Reading Bowl (grades three through six this year).

We are merely getting our feet wet with Reading Bowl this year.  We have a dozen students, and they are reading most of the books on the Georgia Book Award Finalist list for this past year.  (My co-leader and myself read all the books on the list.)

My daughter surprised me when I mentioned I was co-leading the Reading Bowl at her school this year by telling me she wanted to participate.  Reading was often something other people did, for which she didn’t want to make time.

Over Thanksgiving break, my daughter fell in love with two of the Reading Bowl books I asked her to read.  She said that both books needed sequels.

I love walking into a room and seeing her nose in a book, almost as much as I love putting my own nose in a book for hours on end.

One of the fourth grade students I had pulled aside before Thanksgiving to ask to join our Reading Bowl group, emailed me over break to tell me how much she loved one of the books I had asked her to read.

To know that the next generation is enjoying learning is a blessing of which I am thankful.

Reading inspires me, and helps me to inspire others.

May you have a book-worthy season.