What inspires me – March 2015

What inspires me as a librarian.

Working with students inspires me to see how I can open the world for them. How can I convince them to take the next step in learning? I start with what they think they know, then I add another step, and another. We have to begin by building trust. With myself and each other. I add different perspectives. Our school is an international school. The world is about more than what you see in front of you. We study other cultures, other traditions. Then the students present me with their perspective of what they have learned.

What inspires me as a writer for my Salem Academy for Young Sorcerers series.

To create a new world. To straddle the lines between reality and magic. To create connections for the reader within the characters and within themselves. To play. To visualize dragons, see fantastical things happen, rejoice in the wonder of it all.

What inspires me as a writer for my A Spy is series.

Explosions and secret missions. Unraveling the mystery, the intrigue, the game with a sense of humor. Romance intertwined. To satisfyingly kill off the enemy, and maybe have him/her reappear again with a new face. To fight the good fight, and feel as if you’re making a difference in this world.