What Inspires Me – Blue Skies (November 11, 2015)

November 11, 2015

What Inspires Me – Blue Skies


If you have been living in metropolitan Atlanta for the last few weeks, you would have noticed the weather. Dark, gloomy, gray and white clouds covering the sky, drizzling to raining to storming. We Georgians were just over it.

On my way home yesterday, I spied something I hadn’t seen in far too long – blue skies. There were still some gray and white clouds lurking in the early afternoon. Convinced they were still in control. Thankfully, they disappeared.

I remember standing on north campus at the University of Georgia while I was an undergraduate there a couple decades ago – I can clearly recall seeing the deep blue sky. That deep beautiful brilliant blue, with the sun shining. Standing under that sky, I felt as if I were bathing in it.

A balm for the soul.

My question for you this week is – is there a part of nature in autumn, or another time of year, which brings you peace?

Think about it.

May the blue skies be with you today.