We Learn at the End of Our Comfort Zone

September 11th – The twin towers burst into flames, and some of us tried to figure out what that meant.

We learn at the end of our comfort zone. Don’t you just hate that?!

The edge, the seemingly gaping abyss, step one foot out, uncertain if you are stepping off a cliff or if there is land beneath your outstretched foot. To take the incredible leap of faith in baby steps.

My father asks my mother why she left him with the laundry and the cooking to figure out. I know she answers him by telling him it’s good for him as she smiles at him from above. He is doing amazing with all of it. He even knows how the oven works now. And, he’s doing a great job with the laundry. I can’t possibly know how hard all of this is for him. I am so proud of him.

He is learning at the end of his comfort zone.

We all have obstacles to overcome, we all have to learn at the end of our comfort zone. It is the hardest place to be.

We forget that other people have different obstacles than ourselves. Sometimes we are envious because things seem so easy for them. But, they’re not.

I am not angry with my friends whose mothers are still alive. It would be wasted time and effort on my part, as well as being completely ridiculous. We all have our own lessons to learn. Lessons in life are much harder than the ones at school. If we don’t learn them the first time, they only get harder.

This one aspect of your life might be easier, because other parts are that much harder. Life is too short to resent someone else for what you think they have that you believe you are lacking. That is your insecurity speaking.

Believe in yourself, your abilities, and you will find peace.

Release your anger, release your negativity. Send positive out to the universe, and positive comes back to you.

Learning will still be hard, but you will have the peace of mind and belief in yourself to face it.

Sometimes, at the edge of my comfort zone, I have to fall back, spread my toes in the grass, and take a deep breath, before stepping forward again.

Step once more into the abyss, know that you will find solid ground, even if you have to create it yourself.