Tolerance (part 1) – I like cats, I really do

May 18, 2015 – Tolerance, part 1

I like cats, I really do. I love the way they purr when you pet them. I like to play with them.

So, if I like cats, why, when I’m at someone else’s house, do I stay far, far away from them? Why don’t I pet them, love on them, snuggle with them?

You, who love your precious cat, must think me unloving for not petting it.

I am not allergic to cats. Why don’t I pet them or play with them?


What part of this story are you missing? What is the reason why I won’t pet your cat?

We forget that our reality is often different from someone else’s. In your world of purring, cats are perfect.

In my world, in my home, there are two people whom I love dearly who are very, very allergic to your pet. If my husband gets cat hair on him, he gets a rash, has an allergy attack, and can’t stop sneezing for a day or two. If my daughter is near someone with cat hair on them, she feels itchy all over.

If I pet your cat, and I go to hug my daughter, she won’t stop being itchy until she showers, and I wash all the cat hair off of me and my clothes. The same is true of my husband.

We are so quick to make judgements of ourselves, of others, that we forget to look at the other side. Newton’s law of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There is a reason for every single thing that we do, just as there is a reason for every single thing someone else does, or does not.

Before you spring to your judgement that someone else’s way must be wrong, keep in mind, that person is probably looking at you, thinking the same exact thing.