Thursday’s Children – June 6, 2013


Thursday’s Children – Inspired by Rain

The calm before the storm. The air is the sweetest, the wind is cool and perfect – in the calm before the storm. The moments are bright and seemingly pure, you smile, not knowing the sky is about to open up and pour down.


(all photos copyrighted by Lisa B. Diamond)

I received one of those phone calls this morning. The – you need to sit down – kind of phone calls. Where you want to be able to be right next to your friend or family member, holding a hand, giving support – in person, but you can’t unless someone wants to invent a matter transporter device on the spot.

I’m watching the summer rain make everything seem greener, lusher – hearing the rain and thunder.

Although I love those pure sweet moments in the calm before the storm – I am still, as always, inspired by the rain.

Even amidst the storm, I find comfort in the rain. I have always loved to hear the rain while I’m inside. I love the rumble of the thunder, rolling across the sky.

We seek problems, because we need their solutions. Richard Bach said that in his book Illusions – albeit in slightly different words. Now that I am older, I am beginning to understand that in so many ways.

We stray from our path of learning, sometimes stumbling and falling, trying to find which direction to go.

To me, the rain is calming, steadying, as the ground beneath my feet. Sometimes shifting – but know that we can always find our feet, sometimes we have just have to try a little harder.

To me, the rain can be cleansing. Making it easier to pull the weeds from the now soft ground.

The air is sweeter, cooler, after the rain. Mother Nature has thrown her temper tantrum, and is ready to behave again. Take a deep breath. Know that your direction, your solution, is in front of you.
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6 Replies to “Thursday’s Children – June 6, 2013”

  1. I’m glad you had the rain to comfort you. I love rain too. For me it brings back so many memories–the sound, the smell, the feel of it on my skin… very soothing and inspiring.

  2. I totally agree with you about the rain. I’m here in Singapore at the moment and every day at 3pm we get a sudden, tropical downpour. I love the smell afterwards.

  3. Such a poetic post. All of nature can be comforting, but rain holds a special place in my heart too. I love on the west coast, so I get a lot of time to appreciate it.

  4. Love rain too… but the dark clouds that come before it as well. Something about gloomy weather just inspires me to stay in and write!

    Thanks for sharing.

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