Thursday, May 23 – Inspired by Friends & Family


Thursday, May 23 – Inspired by Friends and Family.

My world turned upside down on Monday evening. Any given moment. A few simple words.

My soul has felt like someone took sandpaper and gave it a lovely exfoliation. I feel raw. I feel, at this moment, as if the new ever-so delicate skin is beginning to form all over. My heart still hurts.

I felt guilty last night for smiling, for feeling happy, knowing that there were other people in the world who were suffering.

My husband, in spite of his projects and deadlines, has been wonderfully supportive. He understood that I had to do this, cautioned me when the repercussions arrived, worried about our family, and continued to tell me that what I did was right. My mother listened, offered advice, told me she supported me fully, and that she loved me.

The very few close friends I confided in – exhorted their belief that what I did was right, listened in disbelief about the repercussions, and gave me their full support.

I feel so completely blessed.

I pray for others who are suffering. I pray for the adults. Most of all, I pray for the children. Their innocence should be preserved. They deserve our protection. My heart goes out to them.


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  1. I’m not sure what happened of course, but I’m often struck by the fact that “life goes on” despite tragedies big and small. At times it seems both unfair and unbelievable. I’m glad you have a wonderful support group to help get you through a difficult period.

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