The magic of a sunrise

My daughter asked me the other day if magic was real.

I hesitated.

After thinking about it for a few days, I know the answer.

Yes. Magic is real.

In our world of technological devices, how could magic possibly be real?

Have you even seen a sunrise? A sunset? A rainbow in the sky? Have you had a first kiss, felt a baby’s kick inside your stomach, watched someone walk down the street, any street?

All these things are magical.

That our brain communicates to the rest of our body the ability to walk, talk, and be understood by anyone else is amazing.

I know that science can explain why and how we see the colors of a rainbow. That doesn’t make it any less wonderful, or any less magical.

When word processors became more commonplace 20 years ago, I remember my mother being amazed that I could move sentences around a page on a screen.

Yes, there is magic in this world.