Social Media

Social media is a modern wonder. We can contact Paris or Australia by a text. People around the world can connect by a blog they have read, a recipe shared.

I received a text this morning from a family member alerting me that another family member had read my blog (tickles me pink that they’re reading my blog!) and was worried.

I am so blessed by family and friends. I am so grateful by their support. My husband and I have so many friends and family, all up and down the east coast, the west coast, the midwest, as well as Canada and Europe. Plus, we have some business contacts all over the world.

In addition to the joys we share with these amazing people we are blessed to know, we also share their sadness and pain at different times, as they are kind enough to share ours. A burden shared is a burden lightened in many ways. Just as a joy shared is a joy multiplied.

When a friend or family member has confided in me, or my husband, about their joy or sadness – I often feel moved to write about it. ┬áIn doing so, I always keep in mind that I am only allowed to share my feelings, not what may, or may not, be happening with someone else. If I receive a call from Canada or Switzerland or California, my friend or family who has confided in me does not need to see that their latest family struggles, or whatever else they are dealing with at this time on Facebook in graphic detail.

We all have joys as well as issues we have to face. I, personally, have had a few issues recently. I have purposely not stated details about events as I feel that privacy is too often disregarded for the sake of publicity.