May 13, 2014

I feel as if I’m in danger of slipping sideways again. Last May, our world turned upside down and inside out, until we slipped sideways onto the path we were supposed to be on.

Last May, I found that my children could no longer attend the county school they were attending. The signs had been flagging at me for awhile, but I did my best to ignore them. Everything came to the forefront, and I finally accepted that my children needed what the county school couldn’t provide.

In July, we found our way to our current school in Midtown. I began volunteering in July as my children attended camp there, and in August, I officially joined the staff. I was originally slotted to be part-time (as the librarian), but as time passed, I found I was volunteering more and more hours to become nearly full-time.

I have missed writing as I have devoted more and more time to the school. I have loved working with the children, the books, and the faculty. I have also missed my writing.

It’s May again. My position in the library will be officially moved to volunteer in a couple weeks, due to budgetary constraints.

I am divided. I know I am being guided back to my writing, although I will miss the daily interaction at the school.

I find it moving that my children’s series The Salem Academy for Young Sorcerers has touched so many children. I have to get back to it and finish book 5. I finally completed Star Light, Faerie Light – it’s on Amazon as an ebook. Soon it will be in hard copy. I also have to finish the 3rd spy novel.

I am reminded we are all guided to our path. Sometimes slipping sideways puts us where we need to be.