New beginnings

January 11, 2016

New year, new beginnings.

I challenge you with a few tasks:

  • To be honest with yourself this year
  • To do your best to simplify your life
  • To find something, every day, for which you are glad or grateful
  • To find something in your life, every day, which you like or enjoy

Start out small – maybe you appreciate a new song on the radio, or a news broadcast about your favorite sports team. Maybe when someone bumped into you in the supermarket, they immediately apologized and smiled.

In the midst of our daily chaos, we have to find moments of joy. Everything whirls around so fast, the balls you have in the air come tumbling down in an instant. I know that sooner or later, I will drop one of my multi-colored balls in the air above my head. I’m not being a pessimist, I’m being practical. When one of the balls drop, I then am forced into a decision – do I throw the ball back up there, or do I let it stay on the ground out of play?

I’m a mom, I’m a writer. I have so many other hats, I don’t know how other people keep track of everything. There are some parts of your life you must keep track of – food on the table, a roof over your head, clothes to wear, and the rest of your basic needs to be met.

I challenge you to release some of your negativity this year, and to find your joy. Start with baby steps by finding bits of gladness here and there every day. Simplify your life, be honest with yourself. See where it takes you. It takes 7 days to make a habit. Try making a positive habit.

New year, new beginnings.