Modern Day Superheroes

January 23, 2014

Modern Day Superheroes

My car battery decided it had lived long enough last week and went to the great car battery place in the back of AAA’s truck. The kind roadside assistant person mentioned he loved his job because he was a modern day superhero.

I’ve given that a lot of thought over the last few days. I think he’s absolutely right. Who are your superheroes today?

The pediatrician who thought of running that one extra test on my son, which gave us enough information to decide if he needed surgery several years ago (which he did). The roadside assistant who removed my old, dead battery, and installed a brand new one that thankfully works. The alternative health care provider who told me I wasn’t crazy when no medical doctor could help my child, and gave me some options. The director of my children’s school, who has this amazing vision for learning. The volunteers who helped make our school possible – from those who volunteer a few hours to help spine books to those who contribute many hours in helping to paint walls, build desks, bring food, and everything else too numerous to name.

All these heroes have a few things in common. They care about some of the same things we do – our children, or ourselves, or someone else, or something else we care about. Common cause.

These people help give us answers to our questions, even if the answer is to do more research. They help us on our path.

Thank you.