Thursday, May 30 – Inspired by Connections


Thursday, May 30 – Inspired by Connections.

We are interconnected. We make connections all the time. In our joy, we spread joy; in our panic, we can spread panic.

We make connections with another adult sitting at the pool, sitting at the playground, or standing in line, because we are waiting. Waiting for play time to be over, waiting to reach that destination.

But, which is more important, the destination, or the journey?

The destination may change depending upon the journey. How we get to where we are going is at least as important, if not more important, than arriving.


(all photos are copyrighted by Lisa B. Diamond 2013)

Think about it.

While you are at a party, if you could look up, and then look down from being up, (which sounds ridiculous, but Β bear with me) – you would see all the lines connecting you and everyone else to others in the same area. If you look closely, some of the lines have been severed, but many, many more are intact, pulsing at the next connection.



(all photos are copyrighted by Lisa B. Diamond 2013)

Sometimes, you find yourself stopping to speak with someone when you are in a rush, you have no idea why you stopped to give the person the time of day, when something he or she says strikes a cord within you.

You have an answer to a question, a piece of the puzzle – the universe is guiding you. You are connected. You are not alone in this seemingly crazy mixed up place.

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10 Replies to “Thursday, May 30 – Inspired by Connections”

  1. I do like those spontaneous and fleeting moments when you share an emotion (humor, impatience, concern, wonder) with a complete stranger because of some situation which holds you both in its grasp.

  2. Excellent post! Very lyrical.

    I recently blogged about a protest/riot I witnessed. Your line “In our joy, we spread joy; in our panic, we can spread panic” captures that experience perfectly. It really is amazing how connected we all are, even though most of us sail through our day without realizing it!

    1. Thank you. I think we all need to know that we are connected. Know that when a door shuts, which you were trying to keep open, there is a reason. There are other paths, other connections, which we need to make.

  3. Full-heartedly agree!
    And is it quantum physics that proves we are connected with our light bodies that extend out from us in all directions? It’s why our children pick up on our nasty grumpiness. Or you feel warmed by standing in a particular someone’s presence. While others make us weary, or scared. We are antennas…humans just lost all that info through the dehumanizing ages. Your post gave me goosebumps. πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful post. This is a theme that crops up in almost everything I write, and I’ve always found it profound because it’s so simple, and yet we ignore it so often. Yes, we are all connected, but there is a inherent vulnerability in that, which makes it scary. Great post!

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