Thursday’s Children – August 1, 2013



Thursday’s Children – August 1, 2013

Inspired by Weddings

I’m in a wedding on Friday. This Friday.

Amidst a flurry of phone calls and texts over the past couple weeks, the bride has her gown and sash, her jewelry, and other odds & ends. Thankfully, she is being kind to me and I am in a real dress, not a bridesmaid dress for a 20-year old.

I promised to paint my nails, wear heels, and actually apply makeup (which I just realized I will have to go purchase as mine is far too old).

My daughter will be the flower girl, strewing rose petals on the ground before the bride walks down the aisle with her dad. (I apologized to the bride for not having time to get her a shower gift, as I had spent my spare time finding shoes for my daughter that matched her dress. Try shopping with a 7-year old girl to find ivory shoes and you’ll know what I mean.)

This is the first big occasion, the kind where I wear a fancy dress, that my mom isn’t a part of. My mother, the seamstress, always had something to do or say with fancy dress times. It is odd. Kind of like when I sewed a hem on my son’s sweatpants earlier this year. I hadn’t asked my mom to sew the hem because they were only sweatpants, they didn’t need to be perfect, I knew I could do it, and I did.

The bride brought dresses for me to try on herself. She had owned a clothing store for 16 years, so she knows all about fittings and the rest. It was an easy transition.

I could hear my mom in my head when I tried on the matron of honor dress telling me how good it looked on me.

I think my favorite part of this wedding, though, will be to see my daughter throwing rose petals, and to see how lovely my friend is as a bride.

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