Thursday’s Children – Inspired by Perspective


June 13, 2013 – Inspired by Perspective

We all have circles of friends and family in our lives. The inner circle contains the people closest to you.

I received two phone calls in the last week from two different members of my inner circle. The “do you have a minute, you probably should sit down” kind of calls. The heart in your throat, blood rushing in your ears, before you even hear a word, kind of calls.

Perspective is everything.

I spoke with the first “group” of callers again a few days ago. Their perspective was lovely. The doctors had announced their prognosis. It would either be okay, or it wouldn’t – and either way, they would deal with it when it came.

They weren’t over-analyzing. They were keeping it simple.

I knew there were unspoken words from them – it’s in G-d’s hands now. We have the faith to know that this will be what it will be.

I spoke to the second group of callers again last night. Their perspective was also lovely. We don’t know what’s causing the issues we’re experiencing. We’re going to do our research to find out. In the meantime, don’t panic, when we don’t know if there’s any need to panic. We will deal with whatever happens when it happens.

To summarize – why worry about getting hit by a bus, when you don’t know if there is a bus around for a thousand miles?

They were doing their research. They were trying to keep it simple. They were doing their best not to over-analyze.

The rationale, the reasonableness of it all is the perspective. I am inspired by it.

When emotion hits, and I want to run screaming because I love these people.

I remember a Star Trek Enterprise episode with T’Pol, a Vulcan science officer, as she explains to another crew member how to control your emotions. I don’t remember which episode, and I am paraphrasing – you are on a small ship in a tumultuous ocean. You control the waves. Imagine the waves getting calmer and calmer. They are finally still.

I take a deep breath. The water is calm.

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