Thursday’s Children – July 25, 2013: Inspired by New Beginnings



July 25, 2013 – Inspired by new beginnings

Friday is one month since I sat in Mom’s hospital room, talking to her doctor with my dad and her about her prognosis. (It was the last time I saw her alive.)

We are still adjusting. Some days are easier, some are harder. I don’t know how people do this without faith.

My dad is enjoying having all the foods that he always loved which my mom didn’t. My husband and I took my dad out for Mexican food last night at Laredo’s. (Very fresh and wonderful food.)

Mom is with us, always. I can hear her making sideline comments about bits of everything from what the kids are wearing or doing, to my cooking dinner, and remembering to return the tupperware. (She would always look at me when I took something home in her tupperware, reminding me to return her container as soon as possible.)

I know that where she is, she is as thrilled as we are that the kids are officially going to the school they fell in love with this summer. (

Everything is falling into place. The school may be twenty something miles away, but we are meant to be there.

I am inspired by our new beginnings.

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