Thursday’s Children – Inspired by Heart



July 18, 2013 – Inspired by Heart

If you looked in my mother’s jewelry box, you would have found a preponderance of hearts. Maybe because she met my dad 5 weeks after her 17th birthday. (He was 18 at the time.) The first piece of jewelry he bought her was a gold shaped heart necklace with seed pearls in the center. He had it inscribed a few years ago with the date he gave it to her (her 18th birthday) and his love.

The necklace now sits under my pillow, when it isn’t in my jewelry box. It gets tangled with my own small diamond pendant that I wear around my neck, intermingling mother and daughter.

We are now finding hearts everywhere. When we went to pick out rocks to decorate for her grave – in the Jewish tradition, you put stones or rocks on top of a grave for remembrance, not flowers – we found a few heart-shaped ones. When we went out to eat a week later with my dad, the popcorn shrimp was heart-shaped.

Every week, in different ways, we find hearts. I didn’t know hearts could come in such a variety of colors and materials.

I also have found new heart in a new project. We have fallen in love with a school for the kids. We are still in the application stages.  But it is worth every hoop we are jumping through and every mile we have to drive. (It is 25 miles away – this is the school across from which is Gigi’s Playhouse.) This school inspires all of us with heart.

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