Thursday’s Children – August 8, 2013 – Inspired by Distraction



August 8, 2013 – Inspired by Distraction

Distraction is often the better part of valor. This works with children, relatives, and even ourselves.

My father is a math person. He can do more math in his head than most people can do with a calculator. He taught himself by adding up columns of numbers when he was younger. His distraction point can be hearing that the lottery is up to 312 million dollars. He will, in his head and without a calculator, figure out how much each member of the family will get after taxes, keeping in mind that different members of the family get different amounts.

I have always been a writer. I would read a book or see a movie and mentally add what happened next. This summer, when everyone asked me what I was doing for me, to keep myself sane while my mother was in the hospital, I answered that I was mentally writing a book – creating characters, a plot, scenarios – that I never had to put on paper.

I am beginning to be ready to get back to the books I was writing before June, before my mother was sick, before my world had to stop, pause, adjust, and continue adjusting to what was needed, what was necessary, what was required.

The first day of school for my children is August 19th.

I have been inspired by distraction, as I needed them. It is time to move forward.
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