Hot water everywhere, nary a drop in which to shower…

Well, my kitchen ceiling was leaking again yesterday. That poor ceiling has taken so much abuse from the bathtub over its head, not to mention the ceiling fan that someone put there before we moved in.

The ceiling is currently putting up a good fight to not be fixed up again, after the last hole was cut in it. I think it might be afraid there will be more leaks, and why bother.

Our new shower stall looks lovely. It’s actually in working order, which is more than we can say for the kids’ shower, as it is on sabbatical tonight due to fixing the shower doors. (They hadn’t been sealed correctly when they were first installed, so they’re getting sealed now, thank goodness.)

Although the new shower in our master bath is working, it seems to be lacking an important feature, such as hot water. I emailed our contractor and he will arrive in the morning.

Did I mention our refrigerator had hot flashes on Sunday? The repair people on Monday said they could get to us on Thursday. The only reason I am remaining calm about this is thanks to my folks. A few years ago they bought themselves a new refrigerator, and put their old one in the garage. They gave their backup one to us, which is now in our garage. When the fridge upstairs started overheating, we unplugged it (as electrical fires do not sound like fun) and moved all our food to the garage.

I remember the last time our fridge had issues. The compressor went out, and my husband thought I must be mistaken when I called him up and told him the freezer was defrosting. Our daughter was still a baby. Needless to say, we had to go fridge shopping immediately.

Thankfully,now, we have a bit more time. I hope they can fix our fridge upstairs for a small amount. As much as I was admiring some of the newer models, I am willing to forego that for a few more years as refrigerators are expensive!

I found a fridge that was completely perfect online. Even in a good price range, or so I thought until I double-checked it and realized the first time I had glanced at it, I had missed one of the zeroes on the end. But then, I also hadn’t realized a refrigerator could feasibly cost upwards of seven thousand dollars! Let’s just say that isn’t in my budget this year. Or next, either.