For my Mom

June 14, 2013

This one’s for you, Mom. I love you.

I rarely follow politics. Especially when I was younger. There are some issues which touched home, so to speak. I remember one of them, when I was a teenager, that was in the news quite a bit. I remember being quite vocal for one side.

My mother didn’t say I was wrong. She merely looked at me and told me to think about it. Think about both sides of the argument. It was a woman’s rights issue which received airplay every so often.

Think about it – which I did. I did more research and came up with a different answer.

My mom wasn’t one of those who burned her bra in the 60s – she was too busy living at home, going to college, falling in love, and getting married. She and my dad will be married 50 years in November.

But Mom always stood up for what she believed in. I am ever so glad that one of those things was me.

Granted, she never really liked my singing, and she encouraged me not to be a ballerina – but she urged me to be a good friend – to be caring and thoughtful and considerate.

She flew with me to Boston when I looked at graduate schools – I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career.

After I finished my first novel – she reminded me to be proud of it. She told me what an amazing accomplishment it was.

She told me one day that it astounded her – how I could go sit at the computer, type and type, and produce a book. I smiled at her and reminded her how she could sit and sew and sew – and produce a dress.

Mom isn’t a writer, she’s a seamstress. She made my wedding dress from three different patterns, Venetian lace, re-embroidered English netting, and lots of silk. She also made her dress for the wedding and all the bridesmaids’ dresses.

She also made most of my curtains in my house, outfits for my children when they were little, and some maternity outfits when I was pregnant.

I was going to visit a dear friend in Oxford (before children). We were supposed to go to services and my disposal income has always been fairly negligible when it came to buying nice dresses. The friend I was visiting had a lovely wardrobe. Mom surprised me with this beautiful dress in handpainted silk, with a matching jacket – which she had made from material she found at a local store.

She made the bridesmaid dresses for the weddings I have been in – one was when I was six months pregnant.

Yes, of course, she makes me crazy sometimes. We are both flawed individuals. Sometimes are agendas are completely different. It doesn’t make her wrong, or me right.

She taught me to sleep late, eat well, be lazy sometimes, work hard, and believe in myself – because she believes in me too.

I love you, Mom.

Did I mention she also makes an excellent lasagna and a kickin’ lemon chicken?