October 19, 2017

There are some days when we feel efficient and useful.  Those days that you get your lunch, your breakfast, your hot drink of choice, and walk out the door in a short period of time, knowing that you even made time for a shower and that your clothes match.

Then there are the days when you have to walk back upstairs to your home, or to your car because you have forgotten something.

I had one of those mornings where I forgot something in my car.  I had to walk back twice.  The second time because I forgot my car keys when I walked there the first time.

On the positive side, the walk to and from my car is a nice one.  I work on a college campus that is well-treed with a reasonable amount of grass.

Yes, I did feel fairly ridiculous.  (Did I mention I also almost tripped on the concrete for no apparent reason as well?)

But, I did get a bit of exercise, and I actually have time this morning.  I am at the best part of the semester for me.  This is when my students are working on their final projects, and I get to have fun by mentoring them.

In short, I get to be productive by helping my students to be efficient, to learn, and to grow.

We all need to feel useful – every single one of us.

We need to feel as if we are being productive in some way, big or small, even if we cannot be efficient all the time.