May 28, 2014 What inspires me today – bumpers

Bumpers. Car bumpers to be more specific. Mine has been attempting to disengage from the rest of my car for quite awhile. The front of the newer cars (mine is 5 years old) are too low, and the trend with bumpers went from black bumpers which were supposed to help protect your car to matching painted bumpers, which when breathed on the wrong way, have a tendency to scratch badly.

The pretty bumpers have all these plastic clips that can break off. No, I don’t want to pay $600 to replace my bumper. Or, the plastic undersheeting stuff that was flapping when a couple screws came loose.

This all began from parking my car in, what I thought, was a regular parking spot. My bumper accidentally went over the curb of the parking space. Bits of the front of my car have been attempting to fall off since.

You know it isn’t good when you have to pull into a Publix shopping center to purchase outdoor duct tape.

Why don’t I purchase an SUV? I love my little Versa. Maneuvering it around the narrow streets of midtown has been quite manageable, which is more than my husband can say about his Altima, which he also loves – but he prefers to drive my little car around midtown when we take the kids to school.

Everyone has different requirements in a car. I prefer one with a hatchback, not a trunk. I like small cars for their maneuverability in tight spaces. Sometimes I also like not being able to carry everything and everyone with me when I drive. It may not be as convenient, but it’s much easier. In life, we have choices. We have to set limits. I choose to do it with my car.

There are times when I would like an extra row of seats or more space. But, I think I would prefer a moon roof and black bumpers instead.

At least, that’s today. That and the fact my little car is almost paid off and purchasing a new one isn’t in the budget this year or next. I’ll dream of science fiction adding extra space with a flick of a button and still keeping my car small, along with bumpers that don’t fall off, and a moon roof – all for one ridiculously low price.