Blunder with words


We blunder around day to day. We can usually see when we aren’t looking where we are going. When you step on someone’s physical toes, you usually hear an audible “Ouch!” You know it’s time to admit (if you are taking responsibility at all for yourself) that you have accidentally hurt someone, and you need to apologize.

But all those times you have reached out your proverbial arm and smacked someone in the face with words. You don’t necessarily hear someone wince or cry out.

When someone who has been smacked with words turns to face the person who did it, by saying you hurt my feelings – well, one of two things occurs. One – an apology. Two – indignant rash tone of you should have watched where you were walking and it couldn’t possibly be my fault! Bruised egos tend to respond with a knee-jerk-like reaction.

Only someone who is ready to listen can respond with an apology.

Many of us are not in a place to listen, we only hear sounds and react.

To be at peace with yourself, you have to manage your own expectations of your life and what you expect from those around you.

You still have the power to change your life and you will be happier doing it.

People still surprise me, for better, for worse. Still blundering around in the dark.

I cannot control their actions, I can only control mine. I cannot control their reactions, I can only control mine. I am responsible for my own happiness, I am responsible for my own unhappiness. These are the choices that we make.

Be at peace. Happy Thursday.