Believing in Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, we were taught to believe in fairy tales. Not the Disney version, with singing candelabras, nor any version where the bad guys were saved as well. There was something lovely about the good guys winning and the bad guys losing. Something to believe in which more than entertained, but gave us a sense of right and wrong.

We have reinvented fairy tales in so many ways. From Cinderella to Superman – we like to know that someone, somewhere, is having a happy ending. We have developed our fairy tales to let the bad guys become good ones, to send the message that redemption is possible.

We all make mistakes, some of them seem insurmountable. Fairy tales give us hope. They tell us that we, too, can climb the mountain, cross the raging river, or get out of bed on an increasingly wintry morning and go to work.

Someone posted a review of one of my romance novels, saying the author (me) still believed in fairy tales. I think she meant it as an insult.

I don’t believe that if you walk off into the sunset, your life will be automatically happily ever after. If you’re going to walk off into the sunset, I hope you know which way you’re headed, or you’re going to get lost. And cold. And hungry.

I do believe in hope. I believe in joy. Sometimes it’s provided for you, sometimes you have to make it yourself. I believe in possibilities. The ability to make your dreams come true, although sometimes you may not know what that looks like until your dreams stare you in the face.

You can live your life focusing on the negative. Everything you never wanted to do and had to do. Or, you can live your life focusing on the positive. You can find one pleasant bit which makes everything else slighter more tolerable. You can find your hope.

Peace is accepting your life for what it is, not what you think it should be. Hope is that little poof of what could be, what is possible. Temper your knowledge, your experience with kindness.

May peace be with you, within your heart, within your mind. May you have hope within your heart, within your soul.