Are you being true to you?

Relatives – you can’t live with them, and you just can’t shoot them. Well, you could, but would it really be worth the jail time? If you answered yes, please go see your nearest therapist, and thank you for reading.

At my not-quite-so-advanced age, I feel I have reached the point that there are some people I choose to work with because I enjoy them, some I have to work with as either I love them or they help put food on my table, and then there are others, whom I choose to bypass.

Have you ever felt as if you were on a merry-go-round with some people you know? You let them pull you on, and you go round and round until you want to throw up. Suddenly, you blink, realize how ridiculous it is, and wonder why you were on this ride to begin with. Then you remember, someone you love convinced you to get on this ride, because they are on this ride too.

Yeah, no.

We have to give ourselves permission to say No. We have to be able to stand up for ourselves and realize that just because someone we love pulled us onto the merry-go-round, doesn’t mean we have to stay.

I don’t like being on relationship merry-go-rounds, and I really resent it when people try to pull my kids along too.

We all tolerate certain behavior from our loved ones. Behavior we wouldn’t tolerate from a stranger.

We decide, by weighing the options, what is this worth to us? What is it worth to you to maintain your relationship with your brother, sister, mother, father, best friend, etc.? Is the cost too high, or can you mitigate the cost, and find another way around?

You alone get to decide that. But see, you deciding what you want your relationship to be with family and friends also depends on their willingness to work on it with you – which may or may not happen.

I do my best to be open-minded, and I am far from perfect.

I believe in diversity, I believe in being understanding, I believe my way may not be the best way for others, but it seems to be working for me more of the time – and I try to raise my children to be open and understanding as well.

While I do love board games and card games, and hide & seek with little kids, I loathe those highs and lows from people who pretend to be friendly and then whirl around and smack you in the face. I don’t have the time or the patience for it. I refuse to play.

So, I challenge you.

Keeping in mind that people are who they are – their essence will not change, although it can morph.

Are you being true to you?

I hope so. May you have a peaceful day.