Allergies for Everyone

Welcome to my blog – Some of my articles will focus on food, others on parenting, or family life, or books. Books, books, books. Writing is my sanity. I hope you enjoy the reading.

Below is my way of cooking for my family. I will be posting recipes which are easy, fairly quick, and hopefully healthy – although, I admit, I do tend to substitute real ingredients for real ingredients. Happy eating!

Allergies, allergies, and not a place to breath or eat!

My daughter has a list of food allergies (sensitivities). A list. My son has seasonal allergies, with some food allergies(sensitivities) thrown in for good measure.

Both my kids can eat gluten, as of today, who knows about tomorrow. Several of my friends have to be gluten-free, though.

However, my daughter gets an upset stomach from white sugar, white rice, cow’s milk, American cheese, corn, and white flour if it isn’t mixed with whole wheat flour.

Any recipes I publish here will include turbinado sugar instead of white sugar, no corn at all, etc.

No, I’m not one of those people who feel the label must read “Organic” to be any good. I end up buying some organic simply because of allergies.

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    1. Dyes. Certain versions of caramel coloring are known carcinogens. As those who put the food label on the food don’t want to put which ones are carcinogens and which aren’t, I tend to avoid caramel coloring.

      Regarding other artificial food coloring — each artificial color causes something else to go wrong with your body, depending on how your body reacts to those chemicals. Because artificial food coloring is made of chemicals. And, yes, it broke my heart to put the M&Ms back on the shelf in the grocery store. On the flip side, my kids behave better without the artificial food coloring.

      Yes, you can purchase natural food coloring. The colors are not as predictable and often not as pretty as the artificial, and they are expensive. Other choices include going without food coloring, or adding the color through fruits and veggies yourself.

      I once made a very pretty lavender coloring for my cream cheese frosting from boiling down a red cabbage. However, the flavor of the frosting was reminiscent of boiled cabbage. 🙂

      Bottom line – do what you feel is best for your family. Every family is different.

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