Favorite Authors

Everyone has favorite authors. These are the authors that I love their work as a whole. I love their different perspectives. I feel that they have taught me as I read – I feel that they fed my soul.

Douglas Adams – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. All 5 books of the trilogy, even though the last one is the darkest. My favorite is probably the 4th one – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, probably because it is the most upbeat. I also loved his Last Chance to See, as well as several of his other works. I believe that we all need to have a sense of humor in life, and that we need to stop taking ourselves and everyone else so seriously.

Madeleine L’Engle – the Wrinkle in Time series, as well as pretty much everything else she has ever written. She is one of the place I go when I need to work through an issue in my life.

Richard Bach – I know he is esoteric, but I loved Illusions. When my path was unclear in college, he was a lovely source.

A few more for adults, just for fun: 

Janet Evanovich – for sheer unadulterated pleasure. My husband knows I’m reading her when I laugh while I’m reading. She is clever and witty, and fun.

P.G. Wodehouse – for a lovely perspective and knowing how to make fun of life.

Young adult series

J.K. Rowling – her Harry Potter series is an amazing world. She is a wonderful storyteller.

Anne McCaffrey – her Dragonrider of Pern series. A complete world to indulge yourself in.

Patricia Wrede – her Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Dragons are the best, and so are their princesses.

Mary Pope Osbourne – Magic Tree House series, as well as the research books. Invaluable.

for girls:

Lucy Maud Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables series is lovely and heartfelt.

Maude Hart Lovelace – Betsy, Tacy, & Tib series is dated, but still holds true to the fact that girls come in all shapes and sizes, with all different kinds of gifts, thank goodness.

for little ones:

Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories – “Oh, my best beloved…” – they are meant to be read aloud.




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